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The Fun Starts at the ROCK

Rockcastle Shooting Center proudly announces the 4th Annual Firearms Industry Team Challenge and Firearms Industry Choice Awards to be held at their world-renowned Rockcastle Resort in Park City, KY from June 13-15, 2019. Shooting industry executives and professionals are invited to participate in the three-day match culminating with the Firearms Industry Choice Awards and banquet at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky.


According to Rockcastle CEO, Nick Noble, “This is a truly great opportunity for industry folks to gather, relax and enjoy the camaraderie of our industry in a place that offers shooting enthusiasts of every skill level exciting and memorable experiences.





Recognizing innovation and creativity in new product development by exceptional companies in our industry is important too, said Nick Noble, Co-Founder of the Rockcastle Shooting Center. “There was such a positive response toward companies and products that were nominees and winners at the Shooting Industry Masters events we hosted here at Rockcastle Shooting Center in 2011 and 2012, that we knew we had to carry on,” he said. “The thoroughness and dedication exhibited through the award process set a gold standard we wish to continue on behalf of the myriad of world-class companies in the shooting, hunting and outdoor industry. So we established the Firearms Industry Choice Awards to reward innovation, and to offer continued acknowledgement of the best of the best.”


“Sharing that kind of recognition with a broader audience is an important step in growing our industry,” says Recoil magazine Editor, Iain Harrison. “With the marketplace in a constant state of change, the Firearms Industry Choice Awards offer us a great opportunity to see first-hand what consumers are likely to be really excited about and why. Combining the Industry Choice Awards with the Industry Team Challenge is the perfect way for us to participate, promote and enhance the shooting sports and industry we’re all a part of,” he said.


Manufacturers are encouraged to submit what they consider to be their finest product, to be evaluated for fit, form, finish and functionality. The evaluation process will determine winners through a hands-on, unbiased, multi-day testing and evaluation phase, performed by some of the most influential people in the business, the consumer. Product categories include rifle, handgun, shotgun, optic, accessory, and ammunition of the year. Evaluators consist of a balanced mix of firearm retailers, distributors, professional shooters, gun smiths,  law enforcement and military personnel, members of the outdoor media, and recreational shooters.  Oneida Molded Plastics has dedicated to sponsor and lead the team of hand selected delegates from the firearms community for the prestigious, unbiased, selection of the Products of the Year awards.  Each submitting company will be provided the audited confidential evaluation results of their product after the winners are announced on June 9th. 




A welcome reception for all of the participants will be held at the National Corvette Museum and on the last evening, attendees will celebrate the winners of the Firearms Industry Challenge and the Firearms Industry Choice Awards at a special banquet to be held at the Sloan Convention Center Bowling Green, Ky. “We’re really looking forward to honoring the winners as well as all of the attendees with entertainment, food and fun in this one-of-a-kind venue filled with true Americana. 


Pay it forward

“Throughout the weekend, various optional raffles, auctions and fundraising activities will abound,” says Noble. “Raising funds for Future generation shooters, U.S. Veteran groups and wounded warriors …  The focus of Firearms Industry Team Challenge is for an outlet of the industry to enjoy the opportunities with the products and markets we serve. Whereas fund raising is a major part of who we prove to be as an industry, all side fundraising events are optional and designed for as much fun as you choose. 


“This event represents a new way to answer the age old question of which industry manufacturer produces the best products, and who has the best team of marksmen and women.” We look forward to welcoming everyone in the industry to participate in some fun shooting events, fantastic awards ceremonies, bask in our southern hospitality, and enjoy our beautiful resort,” Noble said.

Please visit http://www.shoottherockicaawards.com/ for Rockcastle Shooting Center Firearms Industry Team Challenge and Firearms Industry Choice Awards guidelines and product submission entry forms. Registration will open February 1, 2019.  Early bird registrants will be offered a discount on entry fees, so round up your team members and register online.